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  1. Kevin Sacramento, CA 6.2 Srixon z565 (4-5) z765 (6-PW) T100-S
  2. Kevin/California 6.8 I have never used a training aid before, unless you count tees in the ground on the putting surface as gates.
  3. 1. Kevin, California 2. Under Armour/Footjoy/Adidas Gear 3. The worst rain was Bandon Dunes last year, 20-35MPH wind with rain coming every direction. The worst part was the day before was 70 and sunny. The change was amazing but fun. Headed back there in May.
  4. - Kevin - California - Srixon Z765/Project X PXI/5.5 - 164y
  5. Kevin | California Taylormade M2 with Mitsubishi Fubuki White 70g Stiff 106/7.2 Preferred ST 180 9.5/MCA Tensei CK Blue 67g Stiff
  6. Kevin W, 35 Sacramento, CA Bugaboo: This is a tie for biggest bugaboo. I seem to struggle to put my ball close to the pin on shots from 80-110 and the mental part of the game after just losing strokes from those particular golf shots.
  7. Roseville, California Scotty Cameron Studio Series 1.5 Distance control from 20-30 feet out, especially on uphill putts
  8. 1. Kevin, California 2. 7.1 3. Taylormade R15 with Fubuki white 70g stiff 4. Speed: ~104 Carry: 255-260 5. Patrick Rodgers
  9. 7.3 California (Heading to Bandon for a trip in 30 days) 104mph, 255y F7+
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