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  1. Denny Texas +2 Mizuno mp33 My ability to work the ball around and sometimes thru obstacles strategically placed around the course testing my sanity. Finding the elusive sweet spot on my 1 Iron, no seriously where is it.
  2. Average # of Rounds a Year = 40 Current Handicap = +2 Current Putter = CURE RX-3
  3. Denny Texas Mizuno MP-59 S Flex 6.2 Handi I could provide a through review of these clubs if provided the opportunity. Thanks In Advance.
  4. Denny Lindsay 30 Arc - Slice Texas Tom Watson - We're so much alike in that we can lead the field in GIR and walk away with a Par regardless if we have 24" or 24' Birdie Putts. Thanks for the consideration.
  5. UST Mayima Elements Chrome W Callaway 815 Alpha 9 Deg. X-Stiff 105 - 109 Fully capable of Building a New Driver and Testing with Pure Launch Pro Prefer Mid-High Launch - Low Spin usual carry is 270 - 280 with 10 yd Roll-Out. Launch is 12 - 14 Spin 1800 - 2100 Club Speed 110 Ball Speed 162 Smash Factor 1.42 Denny
  6. My Golf Tour C4 it's incredible for the price and I would likely pay the same amount for them as a Pro-V1.
  7. I may have the highest swing speed on this forum and would objectively review your shaft offering in the X or XX variant. 121 - 128 SS @ Impact I won the Tiger Woods Gatorade Long Drive Challenge (Texas) 336 and 2nd in the Nation in New York with 361 to the First Place winner 363. I own a Zelocity Pure Launch, Zepp and Ernest Sports ES14. I have data points of more than 1500 swings with 35 different drivers and 20 different shafts over the course of 2 years. I'm currently in the 98th percentile of Zepp golf averaging 450 - 500 golf shots a week. I currently play to a +2 handicap and average 12 Corporate events and 20 other tournaments in the Dallas, Tx area. If selected, I will promise to do my very best to wear your shafts out. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to review your products. Regards, Denny Lindsay
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