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  1. So being the club-ho that I am, I have a couple old sets that I mess around with, but I always seem to find my way back to the single-length clubs. Since I started this thread last Summer, I have only switched away once and quickly returned after the honeymoon effect wore off, as it always seems to. Admittedly, when I really middle a 4 iron from a standard set, I do get a few more yards, but as a 10 handicapper, I stubbornly realized I am better off playing the averages rather than hoping for the outlier. The value of the single length clubs for me really has been the distance consisten
  2. I was trying to be polite about the looks of these, but I am not going to disagree there; I can clearly see why Bryson went with Edel. In terms of feel, they do actually feel like an older set of Pings, like a G5 maybe. Build quality, so far, has been again, very similar to early G-series Ping irons; which is to say pretty darn good. If anyone is ever near Northern Virginia, let me know and you can swing by and hit them. As for iron designs, I am not going to defend them there either, but from a business perspective, I can't imagine they were making a whole lot before; certainly not eno
  3. Unfortunately, I don't have Bryson's driving average of 301; he has me beat by about 40 yards. And I don't have his Iron-Byronesque swing either; my swing is fairly traditional. But I do use a standard 45" driver, 43" 3 wood, and 41" hybrid (17 degrees); only my core iron set is all the length of a typical 8 iron. The clubs from One Iron do come standard with jumbo grips, but I replaced them with standard grips after a few weeks. The makeup of their standard set is as follows: 3i - 19 degrees, 4i - 23, 5i - 27, 6i - 31, 7i - 35, 8i - 39, 9i - 43, PW - 47, GW - 51, SW - 55, and LW - 59 d
  4. I will post more details in the morning, but I play 3 - SW at the length of my 8 iron. I will post all the lofts tomorrow, but the 3 iron is 19 degrees. I do still play a standard lob wedge, but may eventually switch that too. The 1 Iron site has a ton of historical and club engineering data and I was able to corroborate most of it on other sites. My woods and hybrids are standard length.
  5. Since I started playing golf just over 10 years ago, I have never been able to shoot regularly below 90. My biggest issue was with iron consistency. With a GIR% of only 11.1, I only ever found the green by sheer luck. After reading many of the great articles on this site about some of the myths between modern club design versus modern marketing, I began to wonder if there might be something I was missing. So, being the inquisitive physics geek that I am, I started researching the history of golf club design and stumbled completely by accident upon a small company in Toledo called 1 Iron Go
  6. Congrads to all the testers; you guys should have a lot of fun testing this club.
  7. Handicap: 12 Current 3 Wood: Cobra Bio Cell + Stiff Ozik Matrix Red Tie Why Me? When I started playing 10 years ago, I bought a Cobra 460 SZ, 3+ and 5 wood. I had no idea what I was doing buying a 3+ (I thought the + meant better;-) but I have never hit anything else I like better than Cobra woods (and boy has it been fun testing the rest). i would be honored if chosen to test the newest Fly Z 3+ Wood and review how it compares to the Bio Cell +.
  8. You know, sometimes you get an idea stuck in your head that becomes a blind spot only hard data can remedy. I tried to play the Pro-V1 and similar balls like the Precept U-tri for years when I first started playing golf, but just could not control them off the driver. In the past few years I have finally stabilized into a more compact swing (thanks to finally getting some good lessons) and don't have the slice/hook issues I used to. I also learned, thanks in large part to this site, that most of the drivers I had been playing were high-spin drivers (it's what the box-store numbers said I ne
  9. No, I never did try the Nike Rzn Platinum because it was marketed as a direct competitor to the Pro-V1, but maybe I should; thanks for the recco.
  10. So now that we are warming into Spring, I took the advice of some of the bright minds on the forum here and opened the garage lab back up for another test. This time around, I did not hit nearly as many balls (10 swings per ball per club) as with the ChromeSoft review, but I found the numbers still maintained their validity fairly well. I also only hit driver and 7 iron, again, a more efficient, yet still effective representation of the golf balls characteristics. I would like to start by thanking Golf Galaxy for sending me an unsolicited sample pack of Pro-V1s to try out; as you will se
  11. Thanks apprenti23, I did get a free sample pack of the new Pro-v1's in the mail from Golf Galaxy last week and now that the weather has warmed up a bit, my launch monitor seems to be working again (apparently didn't like sub-freezing temps any more than I did). So I might do a quick test between the new Pro-V1 and V1x and last years models to see if there's any difference. I would not predict much of a difference, but at least I would have a little data.
  12. Has anyone noticed any erratic performance at lower temps? I could not get a single accurate reading tonight at around 32F; spec is supposedly 14F. Sorry, but even in my dreams, I don't average 151 mph swing speed with a 3 wood...
  13. Wow, from the diversity of testers you have assembled, you could almost start building a driver-to-golfer classification profile from the data you generate. Most guys still won't get professionally fit, but I would bet just about everyone who buys a driver these days has spent some time at a golf store on a simulator and have a decent idea of their swing speed, spin rate, and launch angle. And with your testing pool being as representative as it is, I have to imagine a large population of golfers could find themselves within the shoes of one or many of your testers. I can imagine a simple s
  14. Congrats Plaid and thanks for the welcoming conversation and advice!
  15. I have been considering the same thing. In fact, I did some limited testing with the Supersoft, but not enough to post any definitive data. I noticed a 2-3 mph difference between the SS and the CS, but would have to hit some more before I would post. Hopefully will get some time next week.
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