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  1. Donnie Parker San Marcos, CA 92069 Taylormade M5 (grandora 750 x flex) 132 MPH
  2. I have played Hogan’s for years and just bought the PTX pro’s last year! I love them. Donnie Parker from San Marcos, CA handicap is +2 i currently play Hogan PTX Pro’s 4-PW i would love to test out the Icon’s as I have multiple sets of Hogan Apex blades but none with conforming grooves.
  3. New formula 6 coming. Going to put a Paderson kni driver shaft in it
  4. Just looked and Paderson has finally updated website.
  5. Found this online. Padersons first long drive event, biggest field of year and finished 2nd place out of 52 guys
  6. I played Hogan Apex irons in college and up until someone broke into my car and stole them. Those irons helped me to at one time become the #1 player in the country in junior college winning multiple events in a row. Currently, I am around a +3 handicap and can add a different view to the hogan testing. I am in the higher of the club head speeds and 6?iron club head speed is around 120-122 mph. To me, Hogan made the classic blade design. I have another set of Apex now but they do not have conforming grooves and I also have an old set from the 80's . There was simply no better crafted blade than a hogan blade. I would love to have the chance to test and add a different perspective on distance and performance for higher club head speeds.
  7. Just wondering if the driver ever showed up?
  8. Hate u had so much trouble. Guess this is part of the growing pains for them. You did everything you could to resolve the issue, and for it, Krank loses atleast 1 customer. It's really sad, maybe they will figure it out someday
  9. I was just trying to get information. If they gave you an exact ship date. That's all. As to 12 drivers, I was competing in long drive events and that's why I asked about if you had cracked a f5. I only heard of long drive guys that did it. Sorry I upset you by asking questions.
  10. Hey, I'm not saying customer service isn't important. I also don't get paid by Krank. I happily purchased every single Krank driver that I have. Yes, they have not had great customer service in this situation. But does it come down to the guy you talked to, or is it the entire company. Either way, it's a reflection on Krank. I personally know that when demand outweighs supply, it's hard. But in this situation, you are right to ask for a refund, or deny delivery. When you first ordered it, what was the date you were told you would have it?
  11. Did you have a formula 5 bust? I've had 12 of them and one has busted on me. That doesn't seem to be a huge quality issue to me. If I had broke half of them, maybe there was a quality issue. But I know there are many other guys who are much faster than me that also didn't break a lot of them. Breakage happens.
  12. Raise your hand if you cracked a formula 5? Now of the ones who raised there hand....your swing speed is greater than 130 mph right? I'm not sure why you can't get anyone to answer. I have never one time called and not gotten some one to answer
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