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  1. Love this. Long a fan of Mizuno but have not played many of their woods. Thomas/Washington SLRs 10 deg/fujikura speeder 65 S 95/10 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft --- LH, 9.5, probably an R depends on what shaft, I often end up S in stock shafts to get spin correct
  2. 1. Your first name and home state/province/country - Thomas, Washington ​2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed - 10.2, 98 3. Your current driver - Taylormade SLDR-s 10.5, stiff 4. The PING G400 model you'd like to review - Dlriver G400 LST [10.0°] ModelG400 LST Loft10.0° Hosel Position⚪ ShaftPING Tour 65 FlexRegular Length45.75" Grip360 Tour Velvet Grip Color CodeWhite
  3. 1:56 2: 105 3:8 4:40 5:sldrs 6:n 7:250 carry Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. 1. Your age - 55 2. Your ball speed with your driver - ball speed (varies with strike too...) don't know, club head 105-107 ie carry is 235+ though I have 95 mph days too 3. Your current golf ball - primarily Srixon ZStar
  5. First Name: Thomas Home State/Province/Country: WA/USA Current Handicap: 12 Current Iron Set: Mizuno Irons: MX-25 3-5 (generally only use 5 and hybrids now), MP-57 (6-9) wedges are SM-5s ps: I am a writer (software industry analyst) by trade.
  6. How much do each of us need to chip in to get Krank Formula 7 in the annual driver test protocol and bring #datacratic to the hype? "If you haven't ordered the New Krank Golf Formula 7 yet, you are leaving distance on the table! There is no faster way to gain 20+ yards and to make sure your ball ends up in the short grass than to add a Krank Driver to your bag!" Of course, they may refuse during the fitting ordering to do that...we can't provide a "generic" driver to a set of testers, each must be "custom fit" (which they do without a launch monitor...). They live off their position in
  7. Your Handicap - 12 Your State/Province -- WA Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance - 100, 240 Your Preference - F7+
  8. I start with do I need something new? I am always looking and I like shiny new toys as much as anyone but would rather put the money into more golf. So I buy wedges the most because I wear them out. As a lefty, availability sucks in stores and a store isn't really the place to find a wedge unless you know exactly what you want. Really any club I want to try it on a range if not in play etc. That said: Wedges - look and feel, different brands swing weights vary. If it is a lob wedge I am looking at what versatility the bounce and grind is giving me. Sand wedge I am going to look at how it s
  9. name: Thomas State: WA Strengths: short game is my strength and I spend more than 1/2 my practice time on it. Have a backyard green to assist with this. My strengths are good hands, and an imagination to work different kinds of shots Weakness: intermediate distances: 50 yard, 30 yard, this is where I am losing strokes I am wavering between 10-12 hcp, next goal is 5 to do so GameGolf tells me short game and approach (125-100) strokes lost to a 5 is 2.91 and 2.39 — so it is “good” but could be better. Distance control. Specs: 50 SS 54 SS – half moon grind 58 TS – lob combo grind All W
  10. just was on the "emerging" new site... http://miuragolf.com/#product-lineand as a lefty see everything is RH only, it is like a thinner product line than the current line. Hopefully this is just "incomplete"
  11. At shareholders meeting yesterday it was one of the topics CEO discussed. He hopes to work out issues with supplier and bring them back. Which means they must be working directly with Nassau will be interesting to see how it plays out. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Well there already is Miura Giken and TourSpec will be the distributor for Miura as a whole so, sure I can see more premium clubs like that (not that "standard" Miuras are cheap). The key thing is the family is still involved, ie your clubs can be hand ground by the "hand's of god" and his son...as long as that stays true and they keep building clubs for lefties, they are still top of my short-list this year though my game would probably be better served with i200s (and I would save a LOT of money that way).
  13. Don't dig boa myself. Launch monitor/sim for personal yes I want a swing caddie 3 that connections to my phone. More graphite iron shaft innovation like Aerotech with consistent tight dispersion yes. Apple watch2 there are lots of cool options here....oh wait with gps on it only runs 5 hours ☹️. Continuation of BallWars. Integration of technology like gamegolf. Club silencer system [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. And fortunately a large part of the golfing US is frozen tundra currently Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Still I applaud them for pushing the envelope. If you really are trying to innovate whether it is just in creating market buzz and face it they needed the adrenaline you are going to have failure otherwise you are just walking the safe well worn path. Which would have produced yet another same thing we've always seen welcome to the party tmade callaway ping already own have fun fitting for next with cobra and touredge. They need to make conforming plates and ship them to stores and all current customers and move forward. Turn the negative into positive as much as they can we are pushing limit
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