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  1. I would love the opportunity to test the Fort Worth Black Irons. Gary and West Yorkshire UK 52/7.8 Ben Hogan PTX KBS Tour 90 26, 30,34, 38, 42, 46 TK15 Wedges 50,53,58 Thanks
  2. Gary Ferguson West Yorkshire England Callaway 815 9 Deg Graphite Design BB6 S Shaft Adams Tight Lies Titanium 15 Deg 3w Mitsubushi Bassara E55 s Shaft Adams Pro Hybrid 20Deg Aldila Shaft Ben Hogan VKTR 24Deg Hybrid Irod F3 Shaft Ben Hogan PTX Irons 5-E KBS 90 (26,30,34,38,42,46Deg) Fort Worth 15 49, 53 Wedges KBS 90 Callaway PM Grind 57 Deg SW KBS 90 Ping 5KS BeCu Putter 34 inch 7 Iron Dist 145yds Carry
  3. 1. Gary West Yorkshire United Kingdom 2. 9.3 3. Callaway BB Alpha 815 Fujikura 656 R 4. 95mph 235yds 5. Henrik Stenson
  4. Wood Bros Persimmon, has anyone done a comparrison of the distance that they managed to hit old Wood Bros drivers. I recently obtained a Kool Kat ads have found that it is only about 5-10 yards shorter than my gamer Callaway 815 Alpha. I have just turned 50 so grew up with persimmon and still enjoy playing them occasionally but most of the 50's clubs are about 20 yards behind , I normally carry the Callaway about 235-240 as my swing speed has come down to about 95mph. Would be interested...

  5. On average I play 100-120 rounds per year Current Handicap 9.4 Current putter Ping Zing 5KS BeCu
  6. Gary Ferguson United Kingdom / West Yorkshire / Ilkley 9.2 HCP I have played Hogans since 1982 and would love to see how these compare.
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