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  1. - Dan - Colorado - 15-ish - Callaway XHot N14, ~150 yards
  2. Dan Morrison, CO 95-ish Snell Get Sum I currently play the Snell Get Sum and I'm down to my last dozen. I'll need to buy some more golf balls this summer.
  3. Dan, Colorado Callaway XR / Project X LZ Graphite Shaft (stock shaft) 95 mph & ~250 yards 15 handicap
  4. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Xander Schauffele Tier 3: Charley Hoffman Tier 4: Wesley Bryan Tier 5: Ian Poulter Winning Score: -7 Low AM: +7
  5. Dan, Colorado 15 handicap, 95 MPH Callaway XR G400 SFT (I'm still fighting a slice, but it's not as bad as it used to be.) Thank you!
  6. 1. Dan, Morrison, Colorado 2. 15 3. Launcher HB Driver: 10.5* Launcher HB Fairway Wood: 3 Wood Launcher HB Hybrids: 3H, 4H, 5H Launcher CBX Irons: 6-9 CBX Wedges: 46*, 50*, 54*, 58* Putter: TFI 2135 Satin, RHO Putter, O/S Grip I'd be open to whatever the Cleveland experts say would fit my game best. I already play Cleveland Wedges and the putter. I plan on buying the RHO putter sometime soon. Thank you!
  7. Dan, Colorado Cleveland Classic 1 with a SuperStroke 3.0 grip HB #6 (I've been meaning to try out a mallet)
  8. Dan, Colorado = high altitude golf Handicap ~17 unofficial Never played Wilsons before Callaway XHot N14
  9. Dan Colorado 15 Callaway XHot N14 Strength: Ball Striking Weakness: Accuracy, tends to go straight, but either left or right of my target line.
  10. Falcons 34-31 Matt Ryan 8 Sent from my Moto G (4) using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. Dan Colorado 20ish rounds per year ~17 handicap (unofficial) Cleveland Classic HB 1 with SuperStroke Slim 3.0
  12. Dan, Colorado, 17 My dream bag is whatever they'd fit me as, but I'd guess something like: Driver: Z 565 9.5* Fairway Wood: Z F65 15* Hybrids: Z H65 19* & 22* Irons: Z 565 5-PW Wedges: RTX-3 CB Tour Satin 50*, 54*, 58* Putter: Huntington Beach 1
  13. Dan Colorado 17 Handicap Usually Titleist DTSolo or Bridgestone e6 Usually 2 or 3 rounds per month in the summer
  14. Dan Colorado 95 mph Titleist 913D2 Diamana D+ White 72 Stiff Flex "Forgiveness of a saint" sounds like something I need.
  15. Dan (Morrison, CO) Handicap 17 Current Clubs: Callaway XHot N14 Uniflex Shaft Custom Fit: No
  16. Dan - Colorado 16 Handicap About 25 rounds per year Usually buy golf balls online
  17. My HoganFit prescription is attached. The HoganFit process was interesting. I liked how it compared my current set to what should be optimal. Another thing that I thought was interesting was that it did not ask for my physical characteristics, e.g. height, like other online fitting systems do. My handicap is about 22. (I'm fairly new to the game.) To me, Hogan means instant credibility on the course. He is a legend who knew how to score. As someone who likes to be a little different, I'd much rather say "I play Ben Hogans" than "I play ". Thanks, Dan
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