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  1. I am 47 years old and a 1 handicap. I live in Chicago area. I learned the game of golf from the book "The 5 fundamentals." by my dad. I have had two sets of Hogans in my life. I still own a set of Apex blades. I now play Mizuno because it was the next best thing. I would love to have an opportunity to try these beauties. I have been to the Ben Hogan website numerous times. I am just trying to figure out a way to get them delivered when my wife is not home!! Ben Hogan's ball striking is the closest to perfection that the game of golf has ever seen. Everyone has to wonder how many majors Hogan would have won if not for the terrible car accident. There are two famous quotes I love by Hogan. 1) He (Fleck) must be good, he uses Hogan clubs." 2) "Your name is the most important thing you own. Don't ever do anything to disgrace or cheapen it." I can only imagine that reviving this iconic brand, Mr. Koehler will make sure the name Ben Hogan will once again be held in the highest regard. Thanks for bringing Ben Hogan back!! Thanks for the opportunity. peak904
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