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  1. Your first name: Bill Home state/province: Ohio Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: G400 LST, Graphite diamana x5ct whiteboard 60gm Current swing speed: 100mph
  2. I am applying for the club testing for Ping 1. Bill 2. Powell,Ohio 3. 3.9 handicap 4. Ping s55 irons with project x lz 5.5 5. I would like to test the i500s
  3. Name: Bill State: Ohio Handicap: 4.4 Current set: ping i-20 4-gw
  4. Bill Esham from Columbus, Ohio. Currently game ping scottsdale tr B60 and ping scottsdale tr shea h on a rotation.
  5. Bill esham-Powell Ohio Handicap 3.1 30 rounds per year Purchase balls online and big box stores depending on deal (usually multiple boxes at once)
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