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  1. 25 rounds 7.4 handicap SeeMore LLT 35" with SuperStroke Flatso 3.0
  2. Handicap: 5 To me, Hogan is golf. As a self taught golfer from a less than privileged background, Hogan's background spoke to me like no other public figure, golf or otherwise.His work ethic, perseverance and no-nonsense approach to life set the archetype that I tried to emulate in golf and life. I was originally attracted to Hogan because I was given a set of Hogan Jr. golf clubs and I wanted to learn more about the man whose name was on my clubs. The stories about how his perfectionism and no-compromises approach permeated the Hogan brand made me feel like he had crafted those irons just for me. That same feeling continued as I graduated to a hand-me-down set of Hogan Edges, followed by Hogan GCD's, and finally the Spalding 1999 Hogan Apex blades when my handicap got to scratch. Life forced me to essentially give up regular golf about 12 years ago and my handicap has drifted up to about a 5/6, but those Hogan Apex blades are still in my bag. I have the opportunity (finally) this season to pick the game back up on a regular basis and I was toying with the idea of buying Callaway Apexes just to maintain some connection to the lineage that I have always felt so connected to. It feels serendipitous that the actual Hogan name will grace a new set of irons at the same time that I will be playing regularly again.
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