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  1. What happened with the results of this test??
  2. So to start i am from NE Indiana, so much of my playing experience is local...To start in my own little city The Players Club-Muncie, Indiana The course is really plush, very nice and has challenging holes the only downside is its in a residential area, so there are several house that have houses lining. Also a big factor of mine for a hidden gem are green fees...which i have never seen above 50 even on peak times Heartland Crossing -Camby, IN (south of Indianapolis Its a links style course in Indiana, and its super cheap....got taken there when I was just beginning with my three scr
  3. Sure everyone would love to practice more, play 200 times a year and spend 2 hours a night at the range...unfortunately some people have families and jobs....HOW DARE THEY
  4. I like Mark Crossfeild, his reviews in the past have been wonderful and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I get that he still has the ability to give unbiased reviews and maybe that will not change either. But with him receiving money from a company (Great for him) his subjectivity can and unfortunately will be questioned from here on out. From watching years of reviews I have always viewed him as a Mizuno guy at least irons wise, watching his new WITB video made me laugh. In that video it appears he took his "unbias view" away. The putter made me question him the most...H
  5. I don't like to either, but I like shiny new things
  6. ha ha , you just need a bigger bag like the caddyshack one
  7. Long time listener, first time caller, no but really I viewed stuff as a guest for a long time then decided to join the fun, from Indiana, have been playing for about 6 years, my wife's family plays, which brought me to the game, played soccer all my life which is very similar to golf strangely
  8. Driver-Ping G-30 with stock stiff shaft 3 wood-TEE x8 3 wood with fujikura pro shaft 2 hybrid adams xtd with kuro kage shaft now this is were its complicated I have 3 sets of irons that rotate, Cleveland cg7 tour reds s300 Adams a12os with prelaunch graphite shafts and an old set of wilsons that I always go back to, the adams were bought recently off a website mismarked for 32 usd 52 and 58 Cleveland precision forged wedges seemore fgpm ***and im a lefty They all fit nicely in my sun mountain 130
  9. I use both a gps (bushnell neo) and rangefinder (Nikon coolshot) I look at the front and back numbers of the green, for minimum and maximum distance and then the pin for under 130 and in, im an ok golfer and then I have some wiggle room instead of an exact number
  10. Jacob Indiana Seemore fgpm Tour classic or tour x dream Miss short or right ***I'm also left handed
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