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  1. Jason, 42 Louisville, KY So many to choose from, but if I had to guess, it's just a complete lack of directional consistency off the tee leading to too many penalty shots per round.
  2. 1. Jason / Louisville, KY 2. Handicap = 11.5 3. TaylorMade RSi1 4. Would love to get my hands on some JPX 900 Forged. Though they are all sexier than anything I've ever played. Good luck to all! Thanks MGS!
  3. Jason Kentucky 13.8 Currently use a laser to target pins, but it's difficult to get precise measurements to the front and back of greens and hazards. Like others have said, the gps phone apps aren't exactly accurate and they are way too much of a drain on the phone. A watch would be a perfect addition to my game. Thanks for the opportunity, MGS and TomTom!
  4. 1) Jason from Kentucky 2) 14.6 3) My big miss is way behind the ball and think that learning proper impact position would help me pinch the ball and get more consistent, solid contact. Thanks!
  5. Since I failed last time, I guess I'll go again. Current handicap: 16 Current fairway: Cobra BioCell 3 wood with Project X Stiff flex
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