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  1. Miles - Cedar Rapids, IA - 93 mph (driver) 10.3 index - 17* 5 wood, 21.5* hybrid - RH
  2. 1. Miles, IA 2. 17 3. 2016 Mizuno JPX EZ Forged 4. JPX 900 Hot Metal I would love to test out the hot metal irons, especially the wedges.
  3. 1. Miles, Iowa 2. 15.6 3. 2014 Big Bertha Alpha, Diamana blue R flex plays 43.75" 4. 92mph, 190 yd carry 5. Danny Lee
  4. I'm glad Callaway extended their customs program to the new drivers. Although $50 seems pretty steep for just a splash of cover (the crown is still mostly black), going from $500 to $550 is a small leap, mentally anyway. Now, if they could do the entire crown in any color, I'd jump in (love my blue 2014 BB Alpha).
  5. I haven't played enough sets (3 in my life) but I've had my best scores with the current set, Eye 2s.
  6. Supersoft is probably my favorite. The deal and customization on Pro V1s got me in the door on them. If Supersoft came in custom numbers I'd buy a truckload.
  7. The Pro V1 buy 3 get one deal knocks the price down to $36.75 a dozen. For that and free customization, I could justify it. I don't lose many balls on the courses I play, so 4 dozen should take me into next season. It's my first rodeo with a premium ball, I do like the short game feel, haven't noticed a difference in the long game.
  8. I would love to try an Edel fitting. I actually have a colleague who knows David Edel, but I'm 1,000 miles away and don't get down to Texas much. The one fitter in Iowa doesn't do it any more. Think they could rig up an Edel 2-ball?
  9. In the non-urethane category Supersoft was by far the best I've used. Great ball.
  10. Excited about the Ping Tour glove. The last time MGS did a premium glove test the FootJoy Pure Touch Limited ran away with it, and this time the Ping Tour trounced it. I've used the FootJoy glove and it's great, soft and durable, so the fact that Ping Tour beat it in every category, and at a slightly lower price, is great. Only question now is what stores have it, no luck so far.
  11. That's good to hear, I love the look of the new 2-ball better than any of the rest of the line, especially the black shaft.
  12. I don't do a lot of banging balls on the range and bunkers on the courses I play are severely limited, so a wedge is going to be useful for me until I get tired of looking at it, or see something new and shiny.
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