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  1. John Skowronski DeKalb, IL Current Gamer Putter: GEL Opal Putter to Test: Impact #3
  2. Name/Home State John Skowronski, Illinois I play a lot, all summer. I'm a data guy and will provide a thorough evaluation. Current Putter Season not yet started. I'm thinking of starting with my Ping Ketsch TR, but I have several viable candidates that I cycle through (e.g., Rife IMO, B1 Heavy). ONE sentence that describes Bettinardi putters. Bettinardi putters are gorgeous, and the MyGolfSpy tests suggest that they are a solid performer.
  3. 1. Your first name and home state or province. -US and CN eligible. John from Illinois 2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed At the end of last year I was a 12. I'm an oldie, so on my good days I can get to about 85mph 3. Your current driver What day of the week? Gamers rotate among an Adams Speedline F10, a Cleveland DST, a Powerbilt Air Force One (My Golfspy gets credit for that one), or a Trident. 4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT G410 SFT in a 10.5 loft and an a-flex/senior/lite shaft if possible (but can use an R). If such things matter: (1) When the weather breaks, I play a lot (almost daily). Thus, I'd provide a lot of data across many playing conditions. (2) I've spent my life collecting and analyzing data, and some would say I'm good at it. Good luck to all!
  4. Your first name - John Your home state/province/country - Illinois, Uinites States Your handicap - depending on time of year ranges from 6-12, currently 6 Your current irons set/shaft - 6-PW, Tour Edge DG 500 R Flex Tour Edge graphite shaft + 56 degree W - dynacraft steel shaft + SW Callaway X21 steel shaft Your PING choice - i210 or i500 - i210 I play typically 50+ rounds per year (April - October), so I would be able to provide a thorough test. Good luck to everyone! I'll light some incense and spin my prayer wheels ...
  5. Good luck to all the applicants. As to me? Your first name and your home state/province John, Illinois Your current driver/shaft combination Cleveland Launcher DST 12.5 Mitsubishsi Diamana 44 A-flex Your driver swing speed/carry distance carry = 190-200 yds. in the air. Your current handicap 10-14 depending on time of year I play a lot (at least 150 rounds) between spring and autumn so the driver would get a thorough evaluation. I also would be able to benchmark it against not only the DST, but other drivers that I mess with from time to time. I'm also a data guy (professional researcher) so this is my thing (for example, I yearly make my putters compete against each other to become my gamer).
  6. Player: John from DeKalb county Illiniois Handicap : between 10 and 14 depending on time of year Current weapon: Cleveland Launcher DST Preference: I think I'd try a G400SFT
  7. John from DeKalb Illiniois Last year I played to an 8 to 12 handicap depending on time of year. I'd like to drop a stroke ( 7 to 11) and to so by flattening my swing to reduce my fade. I experiment with clubs a lot, so my bag varies. My current gamers probably are Cleveland Launcher DST 12 degree driver Callaway Razr X 3 wood Callaway X 4 and 7 wood Nike SQ 4 hybrid Nike CPR 4 (women's) hybrid Tour Edge DG500 7-PW Jack Nicklaus Tour SW Pal Joey 60 degree wedge Dead Straight putter
  8. I'd like to try the Black. My gamer ball is a ProV1. In casual rounds, I play assorted balls, and in these rounds I have come to like the Callaway Chrome Soft. My bag is "variable" but I have my gamers. These currently are: Driver: Cleveland Launcher DST 12* Woods: Callaway 3 Razr 15*, Callaway X 4 17*, Callaway X 7 21* Hybrids: Cobra Transitions 5 29*, Nickent DG/DC Pro 3+ 18.5* Irons: Tour Edge DG 500, Nicklaus Pro Sand Wedge Putter: Tad Moore I play about 150 rounds through the spring, summer, and fall My handicap ranges from 14 to 10, depending on the time of year.
  9. John Illinois (US) Currently gaming a Dead Straight 33" putter. Secondary putters 33" Rife IMO and 33" Ping Ketsch. Keep detailed records. The Dead Straight is averaging 31.2 putts per round (about 90 rounds this year). Preferred Putter to test is 33" O works 2M BLACK CS. Should be able to get in 50 rounds before winter.
  10. My current handicap is an 11 (ranges from 8 to 14). I play a lot of golf in the spring, summer, and fall (100+ rounds), so I'd be able to give any club a good workout. I also experiment with many different clubs, so putting a new club through its paces would not be new for me. Most of my clubs are old technology or clones, so I'd be happy to try out things that are cutting edge and things that get me distance (losing distance as a senior sucks). I'm currently gaming (A-flex or senior shafts): Driver: Power Bilt Max D-45 3-wood: Giga Golf TRX 3-metal with an A-flex shaft 5-wood: Nicklaus claw 7-wood: Callaway X I'm a Luddite, so no bag photo.....
  11. I'm John, golfer from Illinois. Handicap ranges from 8 to 14, depending on the time of year. Currently at 11. I try a lot of different clubs and play what works. Currently often playing (mostly senior or A-flex shafts): Tour Edge Max D-45 driver or Big Bounce clone driver, each with Blackbird shaft Giga golf TRX 3-wood Nicklaus Claw 5 wood Callaway X 7 wood Tour Edge Houdini 3 hybrid Nickent 3dx/DC 3+ hybrid Cobra Transitions-S 5 hybrid Alien 5 Hybrid (6 hybrid distance) Tour Edge DG 500 7-PW Nicklaus SW Tour Edge AW Power-Bilt EX-200 Putter or a Ping Ketsch putter
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