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  1. +1.8 Minnesota, Srixon z765, don't know much but seems intriguing. L
  2. Jesse hndcp +2 Minnesota /USA ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? No Which ones? Shot by shot
  3. Jesse Minnesota 50 54 58 mixuno s5 strength is inside 80 , weakness is trajectory control from 90-120, hndcp +2.0
  4. Jesse, +1.7 Mn High spin Currently Z star xv. I would love to spend a few months doing a in depth review on the black.
  5. Jesse-43. Minnesota. Under pressure I tend to turn a draw into a hook and miss left. I am a dedicated range rat but could use a better practice plan. What a opportunity.
  6. 1 Jesse, MN 2.hndcp +1 3. Mizuno mp4 4. Jpx 900 tour. Would love to compare the jpx line to the mp blades and write a detailed review.
  7. Jesse , MN,hndcp +1, mizuno mp4. Always Stuck on forged blades but would love to try a players cavity with same feel. thanks
  8. 50 plus rounds annually,Odyssey versa sabertooth, current handicap +1
  9. Jesse Voight Minnesota +1 Handicap Z765 4-pw H65 16* F65 13.5 Z765 9.5 RTX-3 50-54-58 Raw TFI Halo putter
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