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  1. Awe, I watched that. The video is by a YouTube channel called smarter everyday. And it makes a great point that just because you know how it technically works doesn't mean you'll be able to automatically put it to use. It took him a long time to be able to ride that bike.
  2. thanks for the warm welcome and that last sentence is exactly the way I feel about riding. I do like the quickness of zipping around and getting in a 2 hour 18 hole round but after its all said and done it feels like I went golfing.
  3. I'm currently finishing up my build of an indoor putting green. I bought the tee time carpet(probably faster than normal speeds). And laid it on to of Styrofoam boards I also bought. I need to put my holes in tonight but I should be done by the weekend. And favorite drill is the gate drill. I don't know how to post pictures or I'd post them up. Total cost to date is $75 for a 6'x16' setup
  4. I never got notified of your response but I went ahead with my build, I've only got 8 foot ceilings but I can still swing driver just fine. My optishot is on the way as I write this and got the projector setup last week, everything came together nicely. I do have issues with wedges from a distance but I'm going to add a horizontal net to catch what I hit up that high.
  5. The goal remains the same to be better everyday to eventually get to a scratch handicap(finished my first golfing season at a 10). The practice is there, fitness we won't talk about, flexibility not terrible for how big I am, the swing is usable but really need to hammer out small flaws that create a big miss. It's a huge undertaking but I'm chipping away (literally and figuratively) everyday. The other one was to keep track of my progress, thoughts, swings etc on YouTube or Facebook so I can go back and have a record of this journey. The third and last one was to walk more, I bought a cart membership last year and honestly I've felt it took me away from my game. It became hit the ball and drive, hit the ball and drive, hit the ball and drive. I've found that walking keeps me in my own game let's me settle down off of terrible shots and refocus.
  6. Don't know if I'll get a response but do your wedges go above the screen?
  7. Eric Wheeler Nebraska Handicap 14 130+ rounds a year ( usually make it out to play 9 holes 4 days a week at minimum) If I don't find the ball I like on the course I'll look at second hand sites then if I find a ball I like I'll go to the store and buy some to see how they work out. Currently playing prov1x but normally play with a srixon z star
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