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  1. 1. John, Tennessee 2. HCP: 8.8 3. This training aid is falling right into the core of what I need to work on with my golf swing. One of my biggest struggles is that I am "flipping" at impact and I'm currently working on getting my hands in front at impact. I think consistent and correct work with the the DST Compressor will help remedy the ugly "flip," get a cleaner strike, get into a better hand position at impact, control the trajectory (which has a tendency to balloon at times), and ultimately add power and distance.
  2. John, Tennessee Driver Swing Speed: 109 Current Driver: Cobra Fly-Z/Matrix VLCT - SP/X-stiff
  3. John, Tennessee Current iron set: Mizuno MP-25 (5-PW), Mizuno MP-H5 (3-4) - KBS C-Taper Lite X-stiff HCP Index: 8.7
  4. First Name, Home State: John, Tennessee Current Driver: Cobra Fly-Z, Matrix VLCT SP (stock shaft, interestingly enough) X-Stiff Swing speed: 107-110 w/ average carry of ~267
  5. John, Tennessee Current Putter: Bobby Grace Fat Man (34'' RH) Putter I'd Like to Test: MLA Tour Mallet Most Common Miss: Left
  6. First Name: John Home State: Tennessee Current Handicap: 8 Current Long Irons: Mizuno MP-H5 3-4, KBS C-Taper Lite X-Stiff
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