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  1. Eugene Oregon Odyssey White Hot Pro V-Line Odyssey O-Works Red #7 Putter bass awkward Alan
  2. Alan Eugene, Oregon 12 handicap clubs: assorted mis mash. It would be nice to have a complete set of the same manufacturer. The Mizuno irons look beautiful
  3. I play 10 times a year, with a 12 handicap. Play the Bass Akward putter
  4. Alan Eugene Oregon 13 handicap Z 355 driver, fairway woods and irons with the RTX-3 wedges and TWi/HB putter
  5. Dear Mygolfspy Members. My name is Dr. Alan Smith. I have a clinic here in Eugene, Oregon. I have an interest in preventing golf injuries, yet at the same time improve performance. http://www.golfinjuryseminars.com/ It made sense to me that the most efficient swing would also be the safest swing. Searching thru numerous swings, when I learned of Ben Hogan's Motor Vehicle Accident and his subsequent playing record, I devoted my golf study time to his swing. Anyone who can still play championship caliber golf after a near death experience has to be on too something. The fact that he is also considered the greatest ball striker with a mangled body, was right up my alley. I have figured out the Hogan swing, and his Secret. Because we live in our own bubbles, in my opinion, I think I execute Hogan's secret better than Hogan did. Not saying I am anywhere near the caliper of player, just that I can do the secret better than he did. Oh well, sorry if I sounded "Trumpish" on that one. As a welcome gift, I am going to post in training aid forum, (if there is one). This training aid will increase speed swing. Normally it sells for $249 w/$12 shipping and handling, but I am going to share how to get one at a lower price.
  6. alan eugene oregon 60 plus rounds walking. I own a small car, so a foldable push cart would be awesome
  7. Alan from Oregon 12 handicap MacGregor Tourney M75T /UST shaft 95 mph Love to be a Beta Tester on the Callaway XR
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