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  1. What gets me is how short-sighted the publishing business is in its desperate attempt to save itself. You would think that maybe giving the smaller guys a gold rating would result, three or four years down the road, in a manufacturer that would be large enough to advertise.... They should just come up with another section for the small-batch products. Anyway, God Save MGS.
  2. For how long has "demand" been a rating category in Golf Digest's Hot List? The 2016 list is absurd. All the "demand" stars go to the largest brands, which make the difference between gold and silver in aggregate. I'm sorry if I am repeating what everyone already complains about here but this is my first hot list as a MGS member and am curious what the community thinks about this. Also, I'm pretty sure I'veread every single comment about every single club this year, and NONE of them were negative, none. Some were more positive than others, but every tester liked every club? Come on....
  3. I recently switched to an M1 and added 10 yards on good shots, and 20-25 yards on bad ones. Went from hitting it 280-285 on a good shot to 290-300, and from 260-65 on a "miss hit" to 280. That was the key for me. I was playing the 915D3 and right now someone would have to pry the M1 from my cold dead hands. I know the D3 is supposed to be Titleist's low spin product, but I've definitely found lower spin with the M1.
  4. Titleist T-MB 2 or 3 iron is a great choice. I'd been playing the 3 and 4 in the 712 U but the new 3 iron in T-MB seems to be just as easy to flight from almost anywhere on the course: rough, crud, gradu, gunk etc... Really just an incredible feat of golf craftsmanship that thing. From the fairway at 220 its basically cheating. Good luck!
  5. Long time reader -- first time registrant. Enjoy all the critics and commentary here, I'm a chronic tinker-er, its comforting to know that in this great big world of ours, you're not alone...
  6. Tester Ready · Peter Burns, Connecticut / Florida · 7.2 · 50 rounds per year · Golf shop, online, and recently, by the 5 dozen from SNELL
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