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  1. 1. Mark Somers - Rochester, NY 2. Yes - I use the Golf Buddy watch and Bushnell Tour V4 shift (slope on usually). 3. I determine yardage from the Golf Buddy watch for front-back-center yardages as well as some hazard information. I also shoot the flag with a Bushnell rangefinder if aiming for the pin is practical on a given green. I can put the watch to the test because I play usually 5 days per week on 2-3 different courses. I am detail-oriented and will provide a thorough review of the watch.
  2. Mark Somers - New York 8.9 HC index Just switched back to Pro V1x (I was playing the B330RX for past 2 years). 12-15 rounds per month plus practice time.
  3. Mark Somers Victor, NY 8.1 75+ rounds eBay I currently play the Bridgestone B330RX.
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