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  1. Stephen, Cold Spring, KY 105-110mph ProV1X I've never purchased any Snell balls, have played 1 or 2 that found on-course lost by others.
  2. Stephen Koehler, Cincinnati/NKY, ~20 rounds/year @skoehler89 on IG, @S_R_Koehler on Twitter 12 / 105-110mph Cobra F7+ Driver, F7 3W, Ping Rapture Driving Iron, Ping ie1 irons 4-GW w/ KBS Tour S shafts, Ping Glide 1.0 54 & 58 deg wedges conventional
  3. 1. Stephen - Kentucky 2. 12, ~105mph 3. Cobra F7+ Hzrdus Yellow Stiff, midsize grip 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero -The original Epic Sub Zero Model fit me better than standard the last time I went for fitting when I ultimately bought the Cobra in 2017.
  4. 1. Stephen, Kentucky 2. 11.1, 105-110mph 3. Cobra F7+ w/ Hzrdus Yellow 4. G410 SFT - my big miss has always been a slice
  5. Found a bargain pair of UA polarized glasses for mowing the grass and have really liked them. Very curious to see how their golf lenses compare to my Oakley's.
  6. Your first name: Stephen Home state: Kentucky Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Cobra F7+ Hzrdus Yellow 6.0 flex 63g Current swing speed: ~105 mph
  7. Stephen Kentucky, USA 12.1 Ping iE1 KBS Tour 120 shafts, standard length, Ping green dot lie, midsize grips i210 I've bagged my i-series set since being fit for them in February of 2016, curious how they compare.
  8. Stephen Your home state/province/country Your handicap Your current irons set/shaft Your PING choice - i210 or i500
  9. Stephen Kentucky, USA Ping iE1, green dot, KBS Tour 120 S, standard length, Ping midsize grips Arcccos has my 7i right at 150 I got fitted for my i series irons back in February of 2016 and have enjoyed them. Like the looks of the new irons ping have been putting out and would be very interested to see how these compare. The aesthetics remind me a lot of the Rapture DI that's also sitting in my bag.
  10. Always curious to know what's out there. Due to the weather here in the midwest haven't gotten a chance to do a whole lot this season. Stephen from Kentucky Cobra F7+ w/ Hzrdus Yellow - Stiff ~100 mph/250yd carry 12.7 handicap
  11. 1. Stephen ​2.12.7 100-105mph 3. Cobra F7+ w/ Hzrdus Yellow - stiff 4. PING G400 LST
  12. Have always been a Cobra fan, get that from my dad who was always a big Greg Norman guy. Would be absolutely stoked to do this. 1. Stephen - Kentucky 2. D - Cobra F7+ w/ Hzrdus Yellow Stiff 3W - Cobra F7 stock Fujikara stiff UT/DI - Ping Rapture 2 iron - stock stiff (will occasionally swap out for Cobra Bio Cell 5W) 4-GW - Ping iE1 Green dot (probably need adjusting) KBS Tour 120 S 54/58 - Ping Glide 1.0 wedges Blue dot SS grind DG spinner wedge shafts Ping Milled Anser 2 putter with SS mid grip All clubs are stock length with mid-size grips, Lamkin UTx on D/3W, Ping OEM grips on irons (gold grip color code) 3. Your current handicap - 12.7 per Arccos 4. Improve ball-striking consistency, reduce big misses off the tee, improve putting/reduce 3-putts, and practice better course management based on how I actually perform vs. how I think I should perform.
  13. Stephen - Kentucky Cobra F7+ HZRDUS Yellow Stiff ~100-105 mph, avg 246yds Facebook.com/stephen.koehler.50 @S_R_Koehler on Twitter @skoehler89 on Instagram iPhone 6 Plus Love my F7 driver and 3W and already an Arccos 360 user, would love to be involved.
  14. 1. Stephen, Kentucky ​2. Ping Milled Anser 2 3. Not custom fit 4. Studio Stock 8 would be more similar to the Ping but would gladly test either one
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