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  1. Tier #1: Justin Rose Tier #2: Tommy Fleetwood Tier #3: Jason Dufner Tier #4: Gary Woodland Tier #5: Kyle Stanley Score: -14
  2. Chuck from NW Indiana i-Drive hybrid irons with i-drive regular graphic shafts (1st time w/graphic shafts-prefer steel) 24 handicap
  3. Chuck Pumnea Northwest Indiana 24 hdcp 50-60 rounds a year (35-45 different courses) on-line & local golf supplier
  4. When playing on warm days, I generally take a frozen bottle of water (1 or 2 litre) & put it in my trunk. By the time I get to the course, some of the ice has melted and as we progress with our round, the water stays cold till we finish it. I also do the same to gator ade. Seen a course that sold frozen bottles of water & they seemed to be a success.
  5. Looking for info on courses near Greensboro, NC. We're going to High Point, NC (near Greensboro, Winston-Salem) Oct 4 through Oct 11. I've picked out a number of courses and would like to get some insight from a local golfer. The courses are: Oak Valley-Advance Tot Hill-Asheboro Stoney Creek-Whitsett Salem Glen-Clemmons Forest Oaks-Greensboro Bryan Park-Summit (both courses) Tanglewood-Clemmons (both courses) Winding Creek-Thomasville Meadowlands-Winston-Salem Jamestown-High Point Oak Hollow-High Point We're looking for hilly/rolling hills, scenic, no forced carries, easy on the seniors wallet, coupons, etc. We generally play from the senior tees and usually shoot in the 90's. Thanks
  6. My wife & I used to go there quite often in the early 90's when we both played. Still have their yardage books they gave out. What a wonderful place. Seen plenty of deer on the course in the late afternoons. We flew in from Chicago to Jacksonville the night that Augusta National was damaged. I think there were 2 hurricanes both heading inland (one from the gulf side & one from the Atlantic side). Funniest thing about it was that we were delayed in Chicago a couple hours due to fog. Scariest flight I've every been on. It took us twice as long to drive to Jeckyll Island, but the next morning there were only small puddles from the night before. We even played golf that day without cart-path only signs. Another not so fond memory was when we pulled into the parking lot & found a parking spot near the front that was empty. After golf, we found out why. Must have been hundreds of gulls using our rental car for a rest room. A couple car washes later & it looked new again.
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