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  1. John, Northville, Mi Summer practice at local course, off season I have a 10 ft putting green Current putting green is very fast but inconsistent as it is hard to keep it flat to the floor and there is no stop so I have to chase long putts across my basement Would like the medium as most course I play are 10-11 speed
  2. John Northville, MI 12 index Alternate between Mizuno MP54 and 900 Hot Metals, both stiff Would like to test the T200
  3. John, Michigan Srixon 545 10.5, Kuro Kage Silver TINI reg 95 SS, 13 Index 9.5 Tensei CK Blue Reg with UTX Mid Wrap
  4. John Northville, MI Current Set: Mizuno MP25, Dynamic Gold 300 Stiff Tracker: No Watch: No, use hand held GPS for detail Have owned several sets of Cleveland irons and woods. Was sorry to see them leave, glad they are back. Would prefer the CBXs as a better fit. I typically play 40-50 rounds so can provide an accurate assessment.
  5. John Michigan Current Set: Driver-Cobra Encore ZL 10.5, Reg Fairway-Tour Edge Exotics 16.5, Reg Hybrids- Tour Edge Exotics19 and 25, Reg Irons-Mizuno MP54 5-PW, Stiff Wedges-Cleveland 50, 54 and 58 Putter-Odyssey O Works 9 HC-12 2018 Goals-Improve iron consistency and, most importantly short game, to get to a single digit handicap. Average 60 rounds per year and but scores have ranged from 74-88.
  6. John, Northville, MI Handicap: 12.3 Dream Bag: Launcher 10.5 Driver Launcher 3, 3 fairway Launcher 4H hybrid CBX 5-p irons RTX-3 satin 50, 54, 58 2135 Elevado CB putter Srixon Z Star Tour Yellow
  7. John Michigan Handicap 11 Current set: Mizuno JPX 800 Forged, 4-Gap stiff Would love to trial the 900 Forged. The 800 is an excellent set but have heard great things about the 900s.
  8. John Northville, Mi Scotty Newport mil spec 34 Short chips around the green, often use a putter when possible for more consistency
  9. John Michigan 11 Index Mizunu JPX800 Pro Stiff Strength: Mid/long irons Weakness: 10-15 yd chips
  10. John from Michigan Have used a Nikon laser many years ago, found it accurate but hard to hold on target. Have owned several Sonocaddies over the years but recently switched to a Garmin G6. Would be very interested in trying another rangefinder, especially with slope capability as many courses in Michigan have elevation changes. I play between 50-60 rounds per year.
  11. I average 60 rounds per year Present index is 11.4 Currently using a Yes Abbie forged putter with Superstroke grip
  12. John Michigan 12 HC Would love to be fit for these clubs. I currently play CG7 Tour irons, Cleveland wedges, a Srixon Z Star 10.5 driver and latest generation of Z Star balls. Also own a Srixon Z545 driver. I have played Cleveland irons for over 15 years and Srixon drivers since the Z Star was introduced but have never really been fit. The ideal set would be: 5-PW, 50 degree gap, 54 degree sand and 58 degree lob. Woods would be 10.5 driver, 15 fairway, 17-18 fairway, 24-5 hybrid and 34 inch putter. Irons are current stiff, woods are firm but shafts and lofts would depend on the fitting. Look forward to how a real fitting would improve my game.
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