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  1. hello, my name is George and I am new to the forum in regard to posting, applying to be a tester for equipment when I am notified about each opportunity and several other functions that this group offers. I have found mygolfspy to be extremely rewarding in terms of how much accurate and truthful information is available in one location. I apologize if I am not posting this correctly or in the correct area of the forum but i have a question. after I apply to be a tester when those opportunities that interest me are available how do I go about seeing who was selected for the testing in each o
  2. 1. George in Ohio 2. current handicap : 12 3. pro v1x 4. 12 rounds per month on average
  3. George / Ohio / United States Taylormade Burner 2.0 is my current set of irons. Regular flex. Current handicap is 14.1
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