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  1. 1. John, Maryland 2. Cleveland 588 TT Stiff flex 3. 9.1 4. CBX - stiff or regular shaft (getting older and next set of irons will probably be regular flex.
  2. John in Maryland Walk around 100 18 hole rounds per year. Club I play has a hilly course and a flatter course. Currently have a Clicgear 3.0 but carry over 50% of the time unless the temps get in the high 80's or worse, then I use the cart. Would use and review on both courses since I have seen carts that absolutely do not work well on hilly courses Important items for a cart: 1. Stability both going up and down hill. This includes when it hits a bump and when it is left to roll on its own. 2. Drag when rolling through the rough and wet grass. 3. Compactness to fit in a smal
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