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  1. KAJ Mobile, Alabama, USA Cleveland 588TT, steel stiff 7 iron = 160 yds
  2. kaj 12 handicap Alabama 95mph swing, carry 240-50 Currently play the Fly Z. Would love to try the F7
  3. kaj Live in Alabama, handicap 11, currently use Odessey Rx Fang.
  4. kayj Alabama. 10 handicap. Now using SkyCaddie SG5. I always walk courses and would like a more mobile, lighter GPS.
  5. Kaj from Alabama. 11 handicap. Would love to try 21 and 24. Would like to replace my long irons w/ a solid go-to don't have to stress club like a great hybrid.
  6. Kayp from Alabama Currently play a stiff shaft at about 100mph swing speed. Would love to try out Mizuno. Still searching for the woods to fit me.
  7. Kayj from Mobile, Alabama Handicap 10 Play about 50 rounds a year Purchase balls in golf retail shop
  8. kayj from Alabama Cleveland 588 irons Handicap 10 Switched to the Cobra FlyZ driver which has been a blessing to my game and now wondering if the F6 irons would continue the trend to better scoring.
  9. KJ in Alabama Using Ping Anser Miss short Test MLA Tour or Pro
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