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  1. Mike / Missouri TaylorMade 2016 M1 430 9.5* / Project X HZRDUS Black 75 6.0 105 mph swing speed / 5 handicap ST 180 9.5* / Tensei CK White stiff
  2. Mike, Missouri TaylorMade M1 (2016) 3 hybrid (19*) - Project X HZRDUS Black 85 6.0 Fitting was based off the driver fitting (same family of shaft and same stiffness profile) I fight a hook and ballooning on windy days. On typical days I love the ability to hit knockdown shots with my hybrid as my fairway finder. Great club to use in match play.
  3. 1. Mike, Missouri 2. 6.4 3. TaylorMade 2017 M1 10.5 with Project X HZRDUS T1100 6.0 4. 106 - 265 5. Henrik Stenson
  4. Mike Missouri 6.5 Vega VDC-01 Raw 4-Pw with DG TI AMT X100
  5. Mike Missouri 6.3 Vega VDC-01 Raw 4-PW Biggest Strength Distance control is generally consistent Biggest Weakness I tend to over draw the ball from 165 yards and in.
  6. Would love to test the new ball out. Big fan of their line. Swing speed: 100-108 Handicap: 5.7
  7. Mike Berlin Kansas City, MO 5.7 Game Golf Live with iPhone/Apple Watch app
  8. Hello everyone! I've been a long time reader/lurker of MGS and primarily read MGS material through the Instagram account but wanted to start contributing in the forums. I've been golfing for about 20 years but haven't taken it seriously until the last five. I've been taking lessons and have improved my handicap from 11 down to 5.7 which I'm very proud of. I'm active in the Golf Channel AM Tour and the local KCGA Stateline Amateur tour. Over the last two years I completed the Golfsmith club building/making school and have been building clubs for various clients over the internet. I've since completed KBS and True Temper webinar training and have turned my basement into a golf workshop. If you're in need of club building/making/repair services let me know! The winter months are upon us in the midwest so my gaming days will be limited for a bit, but that just means more time in my basement tinkering, building, and discussing component tech with you all. Look forward to meeting you all and discussing the game we all love.
  9. Interesting idea, would love ot try it out. 1. Missouri 2. 5.7 3. Scotty Cameron Futura X5 Heavyweight
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