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  2. First off I agree with the system is flawed. But to say that Luke had done nothing is IMO completely wrong. Luke is one of the best iron players in the game. Yes he has always had problems with driving stats. As to him doing nothing last year his stats were good and consistent. Also if I am not mistaken he won more money then anybody else last year.
  3. I can agree to a degree. I have friends that SUCK,(cheat and still shoot 130s) and are horribly slow. I can't play with them any more. The guys I play most of my rounds with are around 100 and keep pace and we have a great time. But it goes for everybody not just beginners or bad golfers. I played in a pretty big 2 man better ball tournament and the first round took almost 7 hours. Let's just say my team shot 66 and we said screw it and withdrew from the tournament and I haven't been back. The only time there is gimmies is if you are playing match play.
  4. I do what is better for my game that day. Meaning if i am playing bad and not playing for money I will go for it. But leaving a 60 plus footer is not good. If i am playing and hitting the ball good I lay up to 105-115, nothing like hitting a wedge to 5 feet or closer.
  5. Thank you very much, I put in my zip and found a fitting within an hour. I will let you know how I make out.
  6. The questions are fine and if they can maybe get me some help i would answer as many as needed. No budget. I like the feel of the driver but i would have no problem switching drivers if it would help. I will add some more info, not sure if this will help but, I am 6'2" have a smooth swing, not quick and jerky. I normally shoot between 75-80. With all my other clubs i prefer to draw the ball but can work it either way. But the driver i cant do much with. So i normally leave the driver in the bag.
  7. Yes i know the numbers are not good. The problem I have is where I live. In a small town in central pennsylvania. Not to many places around that have enough equipment and different shafts for me to try and use. Or I dont know of any. Normally with my irons i play a medium to high flight draw, but can keep the ball low if I have to. Most of the time I leave the driver in the bag due to the ballooning and a chance of losing it right. I was at Dicks the other day and they didnt have any shaft in stock to help, even the manager of the golf section let me hit his driver which had an x stiff shaft, i still had high launch angle and spin. If anybody knows of a place around that i could go that would be great. I would have no problem driving somewhere as long as it was within 2 or 3 hours. Thanks
  8. My question has to do with a shaft for my driver. I have a Nike Victory Red tour driver with a project x 6.0 shaft. I have used launch moniters and other tools but not sure what shaft would fit. I have a swing speed between 110 and 120mph. Launch angle around 17 degrees and ball spin around 3200rpms. My problem is that i tend to balloon the ball. I was wondering if there is a better shaft for me, to help me hit the ball lower and have a more penatrating ball flight. Thanks for any help
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