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  1. Rich Ontario, Canada HDCP 6.3 Titleist 962B, Rifle 6.5 Flighted i210 irons, please!
  2. That would be fantabulous! Rich, Ontario Canada Cobra Fly-Z+ 4/5, Stock Stiff; TM SLDR 3, Stock Stiff; Adams Fast 12 3, Stock Stiff 16-19.5; 15; 15
  3. Rich, Ontario Canada Titleist 962B, Rifle Flighted 6.5 HDCP - 6.3 CBX Irons, please! I already have the Launcher HB driver, so Cleveland irons would be a nice add. Thanks for the opportunity!
  4. Rich, Ontario Canada Gap - Nike VR Forged, Sand - Bridgestone Tour B XW-1, Lob - Miura 1957 K-Grind Short game strengths - Chipping and bunker play Short game weakness - Half-wedge pitches (30-60 yards) Current handicap - 7
  5. Great offer! Thanks guys! Rich - Ottawa, Canada Callaway Optiforce 440 9.5 - Diamana Ahina 70 S / Cleveland Classic Tour 9.5 - Grafalloy Blue Superlite X SS 105 mph - Carry 260 yds HDCP 6
  6. Okay, this is totally in my wheelhouse. I love trying new tech, and I've always wanted to try single length irons. Very cool! Rich Ottawa, Ontario 7 HDCP MacGregor MT Pro CM One Length
  7. Rich Ottawa, Ontario HDCP 7 MacGregor MT Pro CM Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck to all!
  8. Avg number of rounds per year - 35-40 Current Handicap Index - 6.7 Current Putter - TM Ghost Spider S slant
  9. To clarify, the Captain, or any one person appointed by the team, is only allowed to give advice to the team if it is specifically permitted by the Committee in the Conditions of the Competition. There are no restrictions in the rules about where the appointed advisor can get their information. The best example is the Ryder Cup. The team Captain is permitted to pass on advice to his players, and much of the information comes from his Vice Captains that are spread around the course.
  10. My backup set has a Diablo Edge Tour driver and 3-wood, both with the stock Habanero X. Love these clubs.
  11. This should answer your question. Decision 27-2b/2 When Provisional Ball Holed Becomes Ball in Play Q. At a short hole, A's tee shot may be out of bounds or lost, so he plays a provisional ball, which he holes. A does not wish to look for his original ball. B, A's opponent or a fellow-competitor, goes to look for the original ball. When does the provisional ball become the ball in play? A. In equity (Rule 1-4) the provisional ball becomes the ball in play as soon as A picks it out of the hole, provided his original ball has not already been found in bounds within five minutes of B starting to search for it.
  12. The actual issue here is that you cannot play a Provisional Ball from a Dropping Zone. A provisional must be played from the spot where the original ball was last played. In this case, regardless of whether the player declared the second ball to be a Provisional Ball, the ball played from the Dropping Zone is the 3rd stroke. Now the wrinkle here is that it's Match Play, so the OP's statement "...the onsite decision was that the original ball was in play" negates the fact that the 2nd ball was holed. Match Play and Stroke Play are different animals. Once there was agreement between the sides on how to proceed, regardless of whether they proceeded under the Rules correctly or not, AND as long as there was no agreement between the sides to intentionally waive a rule (Rule 1-3), the first ball was the one in play and had to be dealt with. The only way out of that situation would be for there to be disagreement between the sides on how to proceed, and one or both of the sides would have to make a claim (Ruls 2-5) either before teeing off at the next teeing ground, or if the disagreement took place on the last hole of the match, before all players have left the green.
  13. The rule says that the DQ must be applied, which implies that there is no time limit.
  14. I am a Calibration Technologist by trade, and a golf Rules Official. My life is all about accuracy. Rich Ottawa, Canada HDCP 6.4
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