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  1. Lachlan Burke, NSW, Australia. Playing off 21 Currently using Vice Tour Would play 5-6 rounds per month
  2. Tested this thing at a Demo day the other week, Nothing I have ever hit has felt or sounded anything like it. First name, home state/province/country - Lachlan Burke, Sydney, NSW, Australia Your current driver, current shaft and current flex - Ping G30 9* Ping Tour 65 shaft stiff flex Swing speed and average carry - 110mph swing, 270m carry.
  3. Howdy! Name - Lachie I am currently using an Odyssey works, 2ball fang. Would be really interested to see the allignment differences between these two! The Pro Series MLA putter would be best suited for me, and I miss all my putts left, I could be putting into a black hole, and i would still be miss alligning and miss left. Many Thanks! LB
  4. Only started playing golf last year after finding a set of Mizuno's in a garage on an old family farm. Mizuno's are what started my love of the sport and would love the opportunity to test their latest equipment. First name and home town Lachie Burke, Sydney Australia Handicap 22 Current irons/shafts Mizuno Graph Monarch, Royal Edition. Carbon Flex shaft. Custom Fit – yes or no No
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