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  1. Hey everyone, I’ve cruised topics and reviews and I was wondering if anyone’s hit these 2 and can offer insight. I currently have a ts2 3 wood and it’s ok there’s days I smash it and love it and days I don’t. I have a fujikura 2.0 tour spec 7x shaft in it. A guy at my local range has a brand new mavrik sz with a oban white stiff shaft in it. He literally came up to me and offered a trade, my used for his new. But catcher is he’s weird and won’t let me hit it as he’s trying to sell it new if he doesn’t trade. I’m a 5.5 handicap with a 115-117 mph club head speed. thanks again fellas
  2. they were standard lie, I started to read that after aswell. Kinda silly they did the lie angle before we decided on a club and shaft but whatever i guess, I shoulda known
  3. ah yea, I Just always miss left that I started playing it. But ill correct this season then the upright lie angle should be perfect!
  4. Did you get fitted upright aswell then?
  5. Hey Dude, I'm going to do option 1 as well, clubs were ordered 1 degree upright, this is a big summer as i got a membership with a range pass, so I will be practicing a ton, I just didn't want the degree upright to hinder my game as I try to improve it, which it should not as it makes sense with the fittings. I was down to the same irons as you and I decide on a combo set of mmcs and mbs due to the turn around time. The lie angles are a bit difference between mizunos and taylormades I believe.
  6. awesome, thank you aswell I also enjoy other peoples opinions. anyone feel free to throw your 2 cents in here.
  7. Thank you for the reassurance sir! I appreciate it
  8. Perfect thank you for reassuring me, I just want to make sure these clubs are perfect lol
  9. ah makes sense so this 1 degree upright is right, I just need to improve my swing( which I knew haha) I just want the irons to be perfect. now that I think about it we never did the lie angle with the mizuno or the kbs shaft lolol. but Since I saw upright at 2 places I'm just going to say that's right lol
  10. I had 718 mbs and always had a hook/ draw, I won a fitting got there and the fitter was like you need x stiff shafts now. I decided to use a different fitter based on price and now have a set of mizuno mp20 mb mmc ordered. I start a little left but with a draw sometimes a hook. I was hoping this upright would help this a little or at least my aim haha I ordered them a degree up because I figured both fitters said I fit a degree up based on height lie boards and the marker line. ( I know lots of guys aren't a fan of lie boards, but just another tool in the box).
  11. Roger, so it seems upright will be correct and I should just work on fixing the swing? going flatter would not be for the right reason and could mess more stuff up?
  12. Hey everyone, I'll start this off by saying I know there's a lot of lie angle forums, but I can't find my exact answer. I recently got fitted for a new set of mizuno mp20 mb/mmc combo irons at my local fitter, I believe he did everything right, he explained everything well pretty well and I asked lots of questions. After I got home and did some research I found one issue but it might just be me. I was fitted one degree upright based on a lie board and a marker drawn on the ball, when I hit this marked line on the ball the line pointed very slightly to the heel of the club. I'm 6 ft tall and he took a wrist to ground measurement but I'm not sure what that was. However my miss is left and I mean way left, from what I'm reading the upright lie angle will make this worse? I was at a different fitter the week before and he did the marker test and told me it calls for upright but he would put me flat? does this even make sense? I've played a draw hook for over 10 years, I close the face on impact I believe or maybe its my swing or both haha. I guess my question is did he do this correctly even though my miss is left and is this one degree lie angle going to make a huge difference? I've read I think every forum on lie angle and my brain is going to explode, I'm pumped for my irons and just praying its done right.
  13. Kolby Calgary Alberta Canada 8.3 handicap current irons in play are ping i500 stiff black dot 7 iron carry: 185 yards thanks for the opportunity
  14. Kolby Airdrie, Alberta Canada 115mph Driver Taylormade TP5X No experience with Snell
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