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  1. Scott Pullman, WA Walk about half the time...sometimes walk nine early and then grab a cart for back nine. Caddytek push cart... good bang for the buck model from Costco.
  2. Scott Newell Pullman, WA I currently use a Skycaddie SG5 that has been great for nearly 10 years. Interested in trying the new SC watch, upgrading to the SX400, or maybe a Garmin that does golf+fitness+music.
  3. Scott Newell Pullman, WA Before the quarantine I was practicing putting 2-3 times/week about an hour each time. Now our putting green has no holes so I'm not as motivated. I probably three putt about 3-4 times per round, but really it's missing too many 4-10 footers no matter if it's for a 1, 2, or 3-putt that is killing my scores. It's a good round if I can make most of the shorties and maybe a couple of mid rangers. This would be an awesome training aid to learn about my stroke.
  4. Scott WA Cleveland TFI 2135 6.5 Elevado Single Bend (RH)
  5. Scott Newell 48 Pullman, WA USA Full swing problem: taking divot, esp with wedges Short game problem: green side bunker play
  6. Scott, Washington (state) Ping G30 with stock proprietary stiff shaft, 9° Swing speed 93mph Avg distance 255 Twitter - @newellsatwsu Facebook - scott.newell.961 Phone - Android
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