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  1. Caleb Berthoud, CO 107 MPH, 11 handicap 15* 3 wood, 20* Heavenwood, 17* Utility Iron Right Handed
  2. So clearly having accounts listed at all popular social media sites was a prerequisite. How about you list your actual criteria next time if that is what you want? I get that Cobra probably wanted it, but don't dangle a carrot in front of anyone who actually has no chance since they didn't meet hidden criteria.
  3. 1. Caleb from Colorado. 2. Epic SZ Driver, Fly Z 3 wood, 818h1 3H, Ping G400 5-U, Vokey 46/56/62. Odyssey 2-Ball. 3. 11 index. 4. My one and only 2018 goal is to get back to being in a groove with a set of clubs. I have tinkered for too long and my game has suffered. I would like to set my bag and stick with it to see what the results will be.
  4. Caleb - Northern Colorado 12 Handicap My dream bag is one that fits me finally. I have tried "fittings" in the past but have always been disappointed with the results.
  5. First name and home town - Caleb, Berthoud, CO Handicap - 12 Current irons/shafts - Ping G25/KBS TourX Custom Fit – yes
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