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  1. Mr.Awesome


  2. I just changed my whole bag. I went from a TM R11 to a TM R15. I added a TM R15 5 wood. I also still have a R11 3 wood. I changed my irons from Nike Slingshot OSS with graphite 3-SW for TM RSi2 steel 5-SW. I changed my Cleveland CG12 58 degree wedge to a Cleveland 588 RXT 2.0. My game hasn't started to get better yet but it is still the same. About 7 rounds with the new bag. I hope to see some improvement in the next few rounds.
  3. Gabe Quinn, Bend Oregon Taylormade RSi2 reular steel 18 handicap Looking to improve even more. Thanks for you consideration.
  4. Hi, I am A 40 something part time golfer. I have been playing for a few years and have graduated to My 3rd set of clubs. I golf about 2 days a week and have 20 rounds under my belt so far this year. I am trying to get over a hump right now. I cannot seem to break my 18 Handicap. I get lessons about 4 times a year to get a tune up. And the instructors all tell me I am doing well and have a solid game. They say to keep playing and I will get better. No real tweeks to my game. I have been to multiple instructors looking tonsee if I am getting good help. They all say the same. Well happy to be here and talk to you all late.
  5. Quinn Central Oregon Taylormade RSi2 KBS Tour 105 R My custom Fit
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