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  1. Good places to start would be Golfsmith Brookfield , Golf Galaxy multiple locations , or Golftech in tosa. Also most club makers will suggest fitters on their website. You put in your zip code. They will range the ones I already mentioned to club pros. Good luck
  2. Tim, Wisconsin, 95, Callaway Razr X Black, Stiff, Left Hand I would love to try some Mizuno stuff as they have just brought out a bunch of stuff in lefty that they did not have before.
  3. I have been reading golf spy for quite a while. The reviews have been great. I love the honest real world opinions over the " they paid me to say this" feeling you get on other sites. The Mizuno offer did get me on board. Thank you, Tim
  4. Here we go, My first post: First name and home town - Tim, Milwaukee, WI Handicap - 15 Current irons/shafts - Ping G25 / stock shaft Custom Fit – yes or no - Yes The beauty part is they are now making these for lefties. I always wanted to try Mizunos out and now I finally can.
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