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  1. Jack, Morristown, New Jersey I have a Putt Out in my office with a second putter set to the exact same specs as my gamer (same brand, model, length, grip and bent to the same lie angle and loft) and putt every time I’m on a conference call - so between 20-70 mins per day. My carpet rolls at a consistent 10 on the stump meter, so it’s very realistic. I also putt for about 20 mins before every round to dial in speed. According to Arccos, I average 1.2 three outs per round It would be super fun to have a home to practice and play with my sons - they are 7 and 9 and just getting i
  2. Jack, New Jersey Handicap: 8.1 Currently playing Mizuno JPX 825 Forged, Sso either HM or Forged would work best
  3. Jack, Morristown NJ Handicap: 7.4 Current irons/shafts: Mizuno JPX 825 Pro / KBS C-Taper R+ Custom Fit: Yes
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