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  1. Joe/NJ 6 JPX-EZ (Forged) JPX-900 Tour I love my current Mizuno setup but I've been wondering lately if I would benefit from more of a "players iron".
  2. 1. Your name and home state/province - Joe Schackman (NJ) 2. Are you a walker or a rider? - Walker. Favorite time to play is late evening when I can walk. 3. What is your current golf bag? - Sun Mountain Three-5
  3. Joe NJ 5.9 Mizuno JPX Forged 4-iron (Nippon Tour130 S) Ping i25 19* (Diamana Thump X) Really excited for the crossover. I'm a good long iron player but for some reason have always carried a hybrid. However, I seem to have missed whatever people love in hybrids because I've never found one that works for me. I get very inconsistent results/ball flights. Excited for potential for something different.
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