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    91-100 mph
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  1. Paul Jungblut Cedar Rapids Iowa 52402 2 ball Impact 3 -- the Mallet
  2. Paul Cedar Rapids Iowa I coach HS golf so we hit into nets etc. I usually find the individual nets to be too hard to set up and dont hold up well
  3. Paul Cedar Rapids Iowa Orlando in January and February Cobra FlyZ -X Handicap 10 98 MPH TSi 2
  4. Cedar Rapids Iowa Basement mat -12 inches wide and I go to the course and practice I also coach golf at a small high school and it would be invaluable. I play the muni courses so medium speed. We only get to play here until November and they open up again in late March.
  5. Paul Jungblut Cedar Rapids Iowa 52402 Ping I3 8 iron 125 yards no knowledge of your company
  6. Paul Cedar Rapids Iowa 7421 Summerset Av Ne 52402 tried and lost a handheld device, lost it. Use Iphone and use Swing U
  7. I'm in Florida from december 30 til march 12. I'd like to try the marking. Paul Jungblut Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 52402
  8. Paul Cedar Rapids Iowa but I will be in florida January and february Play titleist pro v 1 swing 95 mph
  9. 1 McElroy 2. Leishman 3. Schwartzel 4.Willet 5 Na -12
  10. Paul Cedar Rapids Iowa Mizuno 800 2inches upright regular shaft 7 iron 140 yards
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