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  1. Rob Phoenix AZ Currently play G400 max with Xtorsion stiff shaft Swing speed 95 would really like to test G410 plus current handicap is 4
  2. Phoenix, AZ 3.7 index 90-95 swing speed, 230 -240 carry F7 Always a PING player, looking for something better.
  3. Rob Clanton Phoenix, AZ 3.7 index Currently have Glide 1, 50 SS, 54SS, 60 SS adjusted to 59, blue dot stock CFS wedge shafts. I play with big hitters and I am not that big. The Glides keep me in the game with those guys and drive them crazy. I have about worn those wedges out and am ready for new ones with the same specs. Most of my practice time is from 100 yards and in and around the chipping green, so these Glide 2.0s would be tested very thoroughly.
  4. Rob, Phoenix AZ , 4 My clubs would be: z565 driver z f65 fairway 15 z h65 HY 19 and 22 z 565 irons 5-PW RTX-3 CB tour satin 50 v-mg, 54 v-mg mid, 60 v-mg mid TFI Elevado CB 35" Exact specs would be determined by the fitting session of course. Being from Phoenix, I am a PING guy but would really like to see how others compare in fitting and performance.
  5. Rob Clanton Phoenix AZ 4 It will ingrain club / hand position to compress the ball more consistently.
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