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Bros! Welcome to the Brofessional Golfer!


About us:


The popularity of golf has taken a dip in recent years. It’s because Tiger Woods is no longer a factor on tour. When he frequented strip clubs, that tension on his back and hips did not exist. Now that he has “cleaned up his lifeâ€, the inability to unwind before and after a round has led to numerous injuries to the aging veteran.


The loss of Tiger has an impact on golf, but maybe it’s deeper than that. Since its inception, golf has always been looked at as the gentlemen’s game. Why is that? It’s because for the majority of golf’s existence, only rich white men played it. They looked to themselves as gentlemen while minorities and women were treated like crap.

The notion of a gentlemen’s game alludes to constant proper mannerisms and extensive work on your individual game. Golf has the capacity to actually be fun.


The Brofessional Golfer is about celebrating and embracing the enjoyable aspects of this great game. Yes, we will absolutely take some posts way too far and we will have plenty of haters. But the goal is that we can somehow positively impact the golf community in even the smallest of ways.


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