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  1. Im thinking to buy one burner 4 hybrid (21). But I have the burner 5 wood (18.5). My fear is that I will hit the same distance with both. Someone know how much gap I will have?
  2. Just a quick question. For one handicap 4 is good to buy a burner 2.0 tp ? (8.5 loft) The club face looks too close to me.
  3. thx im not a handicap 4 Im 10 I liked the r11 irons but I thought too that it was for mid high handicaps :S I will look for mc too. Do you think is good to me buy pw mb ? I really need a pw
  4. For one handicap 4 whats better the set of mb irons or the set of the new r11 irons ?
  5. If I cut the 5 wood for the same size of the hybrid what will go farther ? 5 FW - 19 loft Or 3 H - 18 loft
  6. I have 3 questions that I never understand the answer. If can someone help me please ? What club a 3 Hybrid will replace ? How a 5 FW 19 loft shoot far than a 3H with 18 loft ? * * If I cut the 5 FW and put the same way as the hybrid what will go farther ? If I hit with my 5 FW 200Y how many I will hit with the 3 Hybrid ?
  7. I was using a ProV1X in hole 4 in my course. I always use 7 Iron and get near to the flag. Somedays ago I use Penta and shoot over the green. Its Penta or my swing ??? I think is Penta
  8. Ohh I read in another forum that they said that this putters are worst than Rossa.
  9. I get lucky when I use corza ghost. I aline and put. Goes in the hole like magic
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