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  1. Thanks for all of the suggestions and ideas. I am going to just go hit a bunch and see what feels good to me and what I like. It is rainy and cold today so it would be a great day to hit up Dicks and see what I like. HOping they'll have what I want to try and some of your reccommendations. Thanks again.
  2. Nathan, Missouri/U.S.A Cobra FlyZ irons with steel shaft/ stiff flex 18 handicap
  3. Like my introduction says, I am not new to the game of golf but new to taking it seriously. I recently decided to go and buy a new driver and set of irons, first time I didn't buy a packaged set. Well now I am looking to put a new putter in my bag and I really have no idea where to start. I played around with some Odyssey putters a few years ago and remember liking them, but I have a cousin who told me that they naturally lean left and he pulls everything he hits with an Odyssey. Anyway I am open to all opinions and suggestions; blade or mallet, grips, brand, etc. I have used a blade in the past, I have a mallet now, it is probably 8 years old and a Dick's special...Acuity GS.1. My budget will probably be around $200 +/- $30-$50. I think that I personally prefer the mallet over the blade. Thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing your thoughts and getting my much needed upgrade. Attached pictures of my poor old putter, LOL.
  4. Thanks for all the love. There is so much info on the forums. Excited to learn, hope you guys really do hit me up if you make it my way.
  5. Hey everyone, new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. Been golfing several times over several years. But this past year I finally wanted to become better and actually go out more than 10 times a summer, so I actually researched drivers (I had been using the same set of clubs since around 1998) and ended up buying the Cobra Fly Z driver. While checking out drivers and researching I also looked into the Fly Z irons and purchased them too. Now really wanting to get a new putter and wedges as the old putter is dead and just so many advances to all clubs. I have always loved golf just never made the commitment to the game. But really hoping to better myself and take the game more serious this year and years to follow. I am working on figuring my handicap over several rounds, I love MGS and have really been cruising this website since December hoping to get some pointers for my game and any tools that might help from the forum. If you ever make it up around Maryville, MO (probably a slim chance) we have an excellent course, Mozingo , that actually made it in USA Today for one of the top 10 courses under $50 in the U.S. and been featured in Golf Digest. In May a juniors course is opening that was created and designed by Tom Watson. Look me up, I saw some say something about golfmatch (don't have it but will check it out more than likely be alot412nv there too), I would love to hit a round.
  6. Nathan, Missouri, United States Cobra FlyZ, Matrix VLCT Sp, Stiff Swing Speed 104, Avg. Carry 245-255 yards
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