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  1. First Name: John Home State/Province/Country: Iowa, United States Current Handicap: 9.6 Current Iron Set: Wilson Ultras 3-PW Always wanted to try a set of Pings and I'm in the market! No place cheaper to golf than Iowa so I get a lot of rounds in!
  2. Your first name: John Your home state or province: Colorado Your current handicap: 15 Your current distance measuring method (laser, GPS or eyeball): eyeball
  3. 1. John "wizard with the wedges" Crook, Iowa, 5 handi 2. 52 Cobra Tour Trusty, 56 Pure Spin, 60 Titleist Vokey Would love to test these out!
  4. 1. John, Iowa 2. 15 3. 3iron. I love hitting it, but have always wanted to try a more "driving" iron-esque club. Love the new Ben Hogan lineup and hope I get to test these out!
  5. John, Iowa Iowa, U.S.A U.S.A U.S.A U.S.A U.S.A U.S.A I have a set of Wilson irons from the 90s that my buddies day found in the trash. Solid set though with regular flex true temp shafts. My handicap is a 15. I would love to try out these irons and would take the job very seriously! I play at least once a week and have really grown to love the game. I'm a very competitive golfer and would love to test out what the new technology has to offer!
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