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  1. Richard Anderson Dallas, TX TM 2017 M1 - w/ GD Tour AD BB-6 X-flex - 70q weight Swing speed - 115-118mph
  2. Richard, Dallas, TX 3 handicap Taylor Made RSI TP irons currently Think the JPX 900 tour would be perfect for me
  3. Thanks fellas! By the way the new M1 driver is amazing
  4. 1) Dallas, TX 2) Cameron Fastback Select 3) Biggest issue is not high enough make % from 10-20ft
  5. What up Golf Spy - been a member for a while but never posted. Love the reviews. I'm a big ol lefty who hits it a ton but needs more consistency - love everything about the game 38 yrs old been playing since 15. Been between +1 and 3 for last 15 years. Just recently got the yips so went to claw and I'm back!
  6. Richard, Dallas, TX LEFTY SLDR 430, aldila tour green x flex 115+ mph Carry 280+
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