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  1. Chuck Hill Victorville, Ca 2.8 Cleveland etc 51*, 55* and 60* with C-Taper shafts
  2. Interesting topic. Once I am aligned for my shot, I look at the top of the ball. Once I get to the top of my backswing, I actually don't look at the ball anymore...i.e. Henrick Stenson and Annika Sorenstam. When I do happen to watch the spot on my ball all the way thru the shot, I tend to hit it fat.
  3. I believe this is one of the most overlooked aspects of the putter. Most people just buy a putter off the shelf that felt incredible. They get out to the course and putt pretty much the same as they did before. Just as you should be fit for every other club in your bag, your putter should be fit as well. I never really thought about it until I purchased my last putter. Now that I am fit for my lie angle and loft, I can putt freely with my stroke and understand my misses. It was a very important step to making my game complete. Unfortunately, I made it my last club to be fitted for.
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