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  1. So the majority of testing has been inside and at least one session outside in almost perfect conditions on a very nicely groomed driving range. Beyond wanting the iron head to play exactly as it was designed relative to the grind, bc that is kind of what you are paying for, the mold only matters bc I absolutely can't afford to have an iron that is bent strong and reducing the bounce that is already relatively unforgiving. Although I am a pretty good golfer I play once a week at best and at almost 50 my body is my biggest enemy. My miss, is almost always coming in a little shallow and catching it a little heavy due to a reduction in flexibility. I can live with adding a degree or two of bounce even though the ground gets really hard here in middle of the summer but definitely don't want to lose it. I see you play Srixon 785, and I have played the Z forged for about a year now (love them) and I am sure you know those couple shots a round where that V sole has allowed the ball to end up a 20 ft short instead of 10-15 yds. I am screwing around with some Rose Protos right now, which are incredible feeling but there are a couple shots a round that I wouldn't have batter an eyelash at with the v-sole and I am short of the green with the Rose Protos.
  2. P7TW Irons I have 2 simple questions surrounding the P7TW. From the first time I hit them I have been in love; look, feel and trackman launch and spin numbers couldn't be better with DGX100s but I have been searching for answers to a couple couple basic questions before investing. (I need another set of irons like I need a hole in the head) I have asked at least 2 TM reps, had multiple discussion on the TM chat service, and have called customer service on more than 1 occasion without any resolution. The questions: Are there 2 sets of molds, one with tigers’s specs and one with the stronger specs or are they just bending them for the stock offering. Matt Bovee stated they were releasing the stock offering at strong lofts bc 99% of purchasers would bend them stronger. The cost of 2 molds for what was originally intended to be a limited offering seems a little CRAZY EXPENSIVE. In my case it’s important bc if they are bending them they are effectively changing bounce and I want to play the bounce designed for the club and captured with the milling process. If there are 2 molds, then as a consumer if I buy the stock spec am I getting heads made in a mold for the stock offerings vs if I buy TW specs am I getting heads from a different mold. If there is 1 mold and I buy them as a retail consumer, which mold is my club coming from (the one with TW lofts or a mold designed for the stock offering with TWs grind and bounce applied to the stronger loft). I just want to make sure that the bounce and grind was designed for the loft. It would appear to a very straight forward question as agreed upon by everyone I have spoke with at TM but I still can't seem to get an answer from anyone. I am bringing this question here, to My Golf Spy as a place I have learned to trust in hopes to getting my question answered so I can finally get it out of my system and purchase these darn things and likely inflate my handicap buy a stroke or two but will enjoy every moment of it
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  4. 1. Peter - Houston TX 2. handicap 09 3. PXG 0811X 9 degree, Tensei CK Pro White 60 TX 45" 4. 101-110, Carry 255 on with baby fade fairway finder, Carry 285 with strong high draw 5. Adam Hadwin
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