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  1. I live in North Carolina, USA current handicap is 6.0 swing Speed is about 115mph i would like the Epic Flash Sub Zero. currently using Epic Sub Zero 9.0 thabks for your consideration!
  2. Timing couldn't be more perfect. Looking to upgrade from Callaway Epic Sub Zero and G410 Plus is on the top of my list because of the features of fade weighting PLUS flatter lie adjustment. Perfect for me. 1. Warren - North Carolina 2. 6.0 handicap and SS of 114 mph 3. Callaway Epic Sub Zero, Kuro Kage Silver Tini TS 60 GM stiff (Tour Stiff) shaft 4. I would like to review the G410 Plus
  3. Current help - 6 current wedges - MD4 50 & 56 and MD3 60 prefer same in Bridgestone wedges not sure what bounces are available though holly springs, ncno
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