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  1. Your first name - Double-A-Ron Home state - Virginia Current driver/shaft/shaft weight - Rogue 9 / 6.5 XS EvenFlow / 75g Current swing speed - 114-120
  2. Aaron Merritt, Virginia, 6 TFi Elevado Counterbalanced RTX-3 46,51,56,60 (S) Z 765 IRONS 4-9 (XS) Z U65 Utility 20deg (S) Z F45 3W (XS) Z745 Driver (XS)
  3. Super Stroke Flatso 17 (glued to a counter balanced Ping Ketsch v1 grooves) **edit didn't notice it was over...on mobile :/
  4. I'm going to attempt to describe what part of the ball I look at. I don't look at the ball but rather the space where the the ball is. Instead of focusing my vision on the actual ball (ie: focusing on a dimple or a certain half/quadrant of the ball) I adjust my focus to the level of the ground. So, the easiest way to put it is that whenever I am about to hit a shot my eyes are pointed at the ball but focused past the ball onto the ground. I hope this makes sense to someone other than myself ha.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome! I will be playing some of the VSGA one day events this year so maybe I'll meet some of the forum members.
  6. First name, home state/province/country Aaron, Newport News, Virginia Your current driver, current shaft and current flex Nike Vapor Flex, Stock Diamana S+ x5ct, Extra Stiff Swing speed and average carry 115-120, 285-295
  7. Hello all. New to the forum but not the site. I have been staying updated on golf news and using the data based testing for a couple years now and decided to jump in the forums. I come from a baseball background. Been playing for about 4 years now, seriously for 2. When I started I was interested in long drive and was a total range rat and driver junkie. After a while of messing around with laughably low lofted drivers and playing "bomb and gouge" golf I made a change, got away from the long ball and started to play golf the way it's supposed to be played. The first time I flushed a forged 3
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