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  1. Hey all, Your Handicap - 14.1 Your State/Province - Wisconsin Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance - 115 swing speed & about 260 carry Your Preference (F7 or F7+) - I would prefer the F7+. Seems to be more aimed at higher swing speeds and reduced spin, both which could help my game tremendously! Love the idea to team with arccos. I track data in just about everything I do from personal fitness to contracts I manage in my profession, so potentially adding this to the data I already track in my golf game could be beneficial. Thanks for the opportunity to apply and good luck to all! Dustin
  2. Another great testing opportunity! Driver is getting a bit outdated and never really had great woods so would love to give these a shot! I golf 3-4 times a week including range time so would be able to give these a great run! Dustin Appleton, Wisconsin Handicap: 13.5 Driver: 2012 Nike Vr_s Shaft: Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki K Swing Speed: 116 Thanks for the opportuntiy and good luck to everyone!
  3. Hey Everyone, Game has been on a steady trend back to normal the past week and a half. Was able to get a quick 9 in last Sunday and 18 the following Monday and shot 41 on the 9 and 84 on the 18. Much better rounds and shots felt much better. Driver was still a bit iffy, but have been working on it. In further research i've been noticing a lot of advice on taking a slightly stronger grip with longer irons and definitely with the driver so that would be moving my hands further left (being a lefty). Does anyone have insight into this?? Thank you all as always! Dustin
  4. I think this is exactly it. 1) I watched and read quite a bit of content on proper grip. I do an interlocking grip so was able to identify my top hand (left being left handed) was not turned over the top far enough to start. 2) in videoing my swing, it seems as though i'm doing just as you mentioned the below. My swing did feel much more in rhythm to start the season and was possibly slower, so may have gotten away as I loosened up. In my video i was able to identify I also had a tendency to come over the top causing me to lose it left on impact, hips also dont seem to be turned through the ball. Thank you for all the feedback everyone. Looking to spend a good amount of time on the range this week and get this settled and back onto the enjoyable life in the fairway Dustin
  5. Thank you! Distance is definitely the strongpoint in my game and helps a lot mid season when the fairways are dry here! I'm in Central Wisconsin, so it makes a lot of sense what you are saying coming out of the winter thaw here. I will do my best to get some videos and do a self critique and see if i notice anything! Thanks for the reply!
  6. Thanks for the reply, I hope yours gets straightened out as well. Very frustrating. Especially when just 2 weeks ago i was hitting balls 310-320 down broadway! My uncle is a high school golf coach and is actually a member of the same club as me so i've been trying to find some time with him to spend at the range and on the course. I had the hook going last year (every year its something new ) Mine was a case of standing too far from the ball at address and reaching too far and coming through the ball causing the hook. It's always something!
  7. Hey Everyone, Just looking for any advice possible here. I have a match play tournament coming up and want to get back to my normal scores, been much too high lately. I am usually around the 85-90 range on 18. Handicap is currently at a 13.3 index, but lately have been playing much higher than that. My swing was much better to begin this year and now i'm about 10 rounds in and its almost as if I'm getting worse. My drives are getting away from me and starting to slice (I'm a lefty) so always on the left side rough whereas I was splitting fairways to begin. Anything out of the fairway at my club puts me in jail so my game has really been suffering with the tee box troubles. Does anyone else have this issue? Swing feels great to start the year and then starts getting away from them? I don't feel as though im overthinking anything while swinging, just something mechanical. Any tips or advice you guys have on what I can try or what to work on to help straighten this out? Thank you!
  8. Hey Everyone, Thanks for the opportunity to apply! I've always come on the site for reviews before making golf purchases and just joined the forum, looking forward to using this often! Game Improvement is something that definitely describes my needs i'm in! First name and home state/province/country Dustin Wisconsin US Current iron set, shaft flex Now you'll see why i'm in need of an upgrade..... 2008 Cobra FP Irons Steel stiff shafts Current handicap Currently a 14 handicap I think i'd make a great fit for this testing as it is my first year at our new country club and have been golfing 3-4 times a week. I will be able to give plenty of feedback and comment on the upgrade from my last cobra irons and hopefully be able to say they improved my game. Also you can't give all 4 to righty's, right? Lefties need some love . Good luck to everyone who applied and thank you for the consideration! Dustin
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