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  1. I agree, well my instructor agrees. I couldn't hit any 3 wood , without telling me he had me try a club that I hit about 230, it was a Callaway xr 4 wood. I hit it so well haven't looked back.Now I tried and think I will replace my 5 iron with a Epic heavenwood. I like that 80% rule. I struggle with my 5 iron maybe time to pull the trigger. Sent from my SM-G935V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. As we said, this one's a biggie, so PLEASE follow these instructions to the letter. In this thread, tell us: Tim Aurora, Colorado XR16 with a Kuro Kage Black 60 HBP OptiFit Shaft Swing speed 95 distance avg 235 Facebook Tim Carmitchel Android Samsung S7 Edge
  3. This thread may be dead but the latest reviews are out and MGS once again did an outstanding job. Was wondering though if they could add in groupings. Like what the High handicappers liked and why .. What the Mid etc etc. Would be interested in knowing that. As a (now) 15 handicapper I have issues with long woods and Irons going straight... cant be me must be the equipment (lol) But when I tried the Callaway XR irons i found i liked the feel and immediate feedback the clubs gave me to help improve..... did it.. yes (lessons did more of course). But I tried a lot of clubs during my fitting and it was funny I immediately like the feedback and feel of these and the numbers looked good. Now need a drill to turn off my over analyzing while getting ready to swing.. quote from instructor i hear all the time.... "Tim get out of your head "
  4. so on a par 4 you would be within 100 yards of green in 2 strokes for a par 4, 3 for a par 5, and 1 for a par 3 Again used on us new players. If you got it you placed a check mark on your card, He then would look at card and try to see if you needed more work in that area. If you were consistently getting this he moved it to 50 yards, he had one guys who was in mid to low 80s that he had on the green, "greens in regulation"
  5. No your definition of Elitism is exactly what I am talking about, its the people, or organizations, or places that feel "by themselves" to be superior. I really am talking about the courses that look down at new players. If you don't believe they are out there you haven't been told while paying that this is a course meant for "established players" maybe I would be better playing somewhere else. And yes that happened an no I left and was told in email that that person was told not to do that but got the same look again next time. IT WAS A CITY COURSE! anyway i could give you a lot more examples.. if you want to try an experiment next time you go to a new course say you just started this game last year or this year... as per players yes and no they don't get to me if I feel they are annoyed at my 4 to 4 and half hour play a like to piss them off by slowing down more. again I play in the afternoon. you want speed golf go play in morning when the faster players play. I feel no hurry to go quickly to wait 10 minutes in the tee box for the next group to clear. I didn't say anything about the Price of courses nor anything about 3 hours play in fact i have been a believer that 4 and half is fair and some weekends i know it will be more and just soak it in.
  6. I took Lessons from Kevin Carlson , he had a great program of 10 weeks for 650 and he guaranteed you would lower game by 10 strokes. His plan was more to have you understand how to play a course, how to work your short game, first year I went from 106 to 91 avg, second year went from 91 to low 80, still haven't broke that elusive 80 but hoping. He had a plan of lessons 3 - 6 people one week , then we would play the next, alternating each week. One of his philosophies was to break the game into 2 parts, 1, Getting withing 100 yards of hole on regulation, and 2. Gettin up and down in 3 3. Making all 4 foot putts Second year he made that 100 yard 50 and making all 6 foot puts... was frustrating but I am learning lol using that info you knew where and what you needed to work on.
  7. I just switched from the Callaway Chrome soft to the Bridgestone E6 Soft. Still think overall the Chromesoft is better but im not good enough to be losing that bal, lol I will give the supersoft and Srixon soft a try but we had a Golf expo and was able to get the new Bridgestone E6 Soft for 20 a box
  8. Great Topic, After a couple years of playing used clubs, my instructor gave me a target . Once I got to that target score he said that it was time to be fitted. I tried everything but found I loved the Callaway XR irons. I hit a couple other good but it all came down to feel and repeatably. So 5 Iron thru Appoach wedge are Callaway XR I also got in the set 2 Hybrids 3 and 4 Callaway XR My driver used to be the Taylormade R1 but got fitted to a Callaway XR 16 with a Kuge shaft. Wedges used to be cleaveland but when I replaced them i got sw 54 and a 60 (rebent to 58) from Callaway Pre-Owned demo clubs So One day looked in my bag and realized I had become a Callaway fan lol
  9. Great Info What I would love to see or would find useful is a conclusion based on Handicap Great info, What I guess , in equipment, I would love to see; Take your review of the Callaway Fusion Driver..... Its very informative and awesome. What is missing is the breakdown of what each group thought.\ The charts of different users was great and informative. That club is mainly, and I do understand the categories have merged into each other, but mainly a driver for a bit higher Handicapper. So what did that group feel. I love science but science isn't the only thing that makes us buy. What did each group feel about a club? SO lets say the higher handicap group loved the improvement, But the others groups didn't like it at all? So then I have the information that if I improve on my Handicap this club will have diminishing returns. (example not reality) I challenge each and every User to get someone new into golf to this site. I challenge Golfspy to look at what would be good intro clubs (used or new) I once spent over 2 hours with a Callaway Rep talking about Balls and what People should be using and why?. We love the long ball and its fun, but once I changed to a ball that I could get some spin on with wedges etc I dropped my wedge shots down alot and my putting dramatically improved because of where I was leaving my ball. He taught me to work back on a ball. Meaning find one I liked to put and use wedges on then take those and find a good ball that does good with my slower swing (90) Anyway getting more people in golf will only help the game grow. This site has taught me a lot and can teach me more. Thanks for your non equipment company bias, its a great breath of fresh air.
  10. Great feedback , thank you. My point on the expensive side of equipment is , yes you can and should buy used at first, but getting info is hard. I decided to get an instructor right of the bat so I was given good info in what to buy. In fact he kept suggesting that I not buy new till I break 100 😀. Then I discussed it with him got fit and still use those clubs the Callaway XR. Point being is yes it's just like buying a used car when your not an educated car enthusiasts. Sent from my SM-G935V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. Okay so I am a relative new player to the game 6 years (started at age 50). I wanted to share my thoughts as a new player and Wife's thoughts as a new player. These are things that I feel are hindering people playing the game. Since this is in equipment I will try to tailor it to equipment. 1. To damn expensive. We all like new and shiny things. But sticker shock of new equipment is real. Now you can buy used and most of us now know where to get this. But its hard just getting into the game of knowing what is good/ bad / crap. 2. Reviews are biased to low handicappers. If its a game improvement model that a new player would use why in the world do you have the majority of your testers using it and reviewing it. The reviewers should be people the clubs are meant for. I don't want a single digit handicapper telling me that a club is this or that when he isn't going to ever use that type of club. They should be tested by people from classes under the guidance of instructors. with that input it would be great and useful knowledge. This is to include clubs balls and etc. If MyGolf has a high handicapper on staff i haven't seen them. I like their input but as above its biased to the low handicapper and isnt always relevant. I will use an example. Does the input of Dale Earnhardt matter about what car you want to buy? I know in the past most of us loved the info on what the Tour players use but the game needs to change from that group (shrinking) to the new or potential golfers who want to play for fun,yes get better but play for fun 3. Elitism; This goes to all and why not exclusively equipment based it is in part. This game has way to many people full of themselves. People feeling pressured by friends or fellow players to play from tees they shouldn't, to play a certain way etc. If you are on tour fine the rules apply and follow each and every one, dame as if your using your score to input you your USGA handicap etc or on a tournament. But if not allow players to play to have fun! This game needs more fun and your kidding friends that want to use or should use the forward tees only makes it less fun for them. Look at it this way. Do you really think Spieth would feel any accomplishment beating you in a game? The best instructor I had would play rounds with us to work on not only the mechanics but course management. He would play with the Tee box we played with. He also encouraged us to do that. One it speeds up the game if a foursome doesn't always use 4 different boxes and 2 it really changes the course. Try playing a course from the forward tees once in awhile its a blast and changes the course a lot. Any that's my beginning salvo. Maybe more to follow. Have fun!
  12. Tim Carmitchel, Colorado 15.8 Z 565 Driver Regular flex 10.5 Z 65 15deg and 17deg Z F65 Hybrid 19 and 22 Z 565 Irons 5 to AW RTX-3 black satin 54.0 V-FG Full RTX-3 Black Satin 60.0 V-FG (full) TFI HALO CB Sixon z star balls
  13. 1. Tim Carmitchel Colorado 2. Mostly ride but do walk one week out of 4 3. ogio shredder
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